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Drought in Brazil

Like many parts of the world Brazil is being hit hard by environmental changes that many have come to recognize as earth changes or global warming. One

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Amazon Indian Tribe fights Belo Monte Dam

Ongoing heartfelt protests by the Munduruku tribe of Brazil's Amazon region against the Belo Monte dam have continued along with the chiefs of more than

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Celebrating Brazil's First Goal in the 2014 World Cup!

You may enjoy these videos of Brazilians reacting to Brazil's first goal. You'll see many different people and locations Brazil, all sharing their joy and excitement!

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Brazilian Spotlight- 15th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival

Celebração do Cinema Brasileiro - Newport Beach Film Festival - 24 de abril - 1 º de Maio de 2014 A 15 ª Anual de Newport Beach Film Festival vai

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Brazil Drought, extreme weather patterns this year

Brazil Drought Jolts Commodities' Prices from the WSJ. The drought in Brazil this season (Summer in Brazil 2014) is extreme and unprecedented, reportedly

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Sports Violence in Brazil

There truly is so much to celebrate about Brazil. It's enough to fill an ever-growing website. However, I can't help but be aware of increasingly common

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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff postpones plans for a state visit to Washington D.C.

Brazil's President, Dilma Rouseff, has postponed plans for a state visit to Washington in October because of revelations that the United States spied on

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Foreigners seeking jobs in Brazil

My 2 friends and I are planning to go to Brazil in the first half of 2013. We would like to know which parts of the country will our English skills be

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Gorgeous Places to Visit in Brazil

Just the mention of Brazil brings to mind long white sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, palm trees, and unmatched natural beauty. So where should you

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Inspiring Knowledge

Dear friend. I would very much appreciate your help with the project of my client´s college assignment which is to visit a Brazilian tribe for few days.

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University of Missouri Journalism Project

Hello! My name is Sara and I am a freshman journalism student at the University of Missouri. I understand you don't personally respond to every message,

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Interactive Map with Videos About Brazil

Hello, My name is Nicholas, I'm Dutch, live in Miami Florida and a huge fan of Brazil. If I have have the opportunity to live in Brazil, I would. I created

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Brazilian Musician Similar to Marcio Faraco?

french by birth, living in guadalara mexico, worked for many years in mexico city as airline executive for Real Aerovias and Varig and travelled extensively

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Im shaam from pakistan im 30 year old i speak korean hindi english but i love portuguese im speek korean excellent know i read portuguese i like brazil

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Brazilian Artist

Does anyone recognize this artist from Sao Paulo circa 1968? The plaque on front of the painting says the artist is E.H. Franca, however it is signed FLACO.

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