Interactive Map with Videos About Brazil

by Nicholas
(Miami Florida)

Hello, My name is Nicholas, I'm Dutch, live in Miami Florida and a huge fan of Brazil. If I have have the opportunity to live in Brazil, I would. I created with the a google map and video clips from youtube an interactive map of Brazil. I hope you can create a live link for example "interactive map" so that many more people who visit your website will enjoy the video clips about Brazil, States from north to south, North East - South East and the Central west regions.

Visit the Brazil Interactive Map Here

I am positive it will be fantastic for your wonderful website that many people visit.

Our reply

Thanks so much Nicholas, it is a pleasure to meet you. That is a wonderful and helpful interactive map that you created, thank you! I enjoyed viewing the videos of Brazil and I am sure our visitors will appreciate it too! I hope you will find a way to visit Brazil.

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