Inspiring Knowledge

by Luiz
(São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil)

Dear friend.
I would very much appreciate your help with the project of my client´s college assignment which is to visit a Brazilian tribe for few days. It is not a touristic aim but a noble approach. Would you give me some direction toward my goal.

Waiting for your answer anxiously,


Our reply

Hi Luiz,

Thanks very much for your message. There are a variety of indigenous tribes in Brazil, (we have some additional information here at our page on People of the Amazon Rainforest) however I don't know how your client would go about visiting. I am sorry I cannot be more helpful.

This is not a simple matter for many reasons, one of the main ones being that the tribes may not want visitors. Also there is a possible risk for these people when they receive visitors, as their immune systems and not adapted to modern life and this could pose a health risk for them.

The indigenous peoples of Brazil are treasures that carry ancient wisdom and a very different consciousness from our modern world. They are simple and living in harmony with nature, and we have a great deal to learn from them. It is important that we respect what they are doing, and to not impose our own ideas about what we think they may need.

If we can can approach them with humility and respect and the desire to learn, then if they wish to be in contact with us, there can be a meeting of mutual benefit.

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