Sports Violence in Brazil


There truly is so much to celebrate about Brazil. It's enough to fill an ever-growing website. However, I can't help but be aware of increasingly common reports of extreme violence at sporting events involving fans, players and referees. The violence is extremely depraved and dehumanizing, making it all the more difficult to bring up here.

Brazil has often struck me as a country where generosity and spiritual faith were significantly more common than in the place of my birth, the USA. This generosity can often be experienced as coming from those who have very little to call their own, Its genuineness has much to teach others who are less so inclined.

So, what is happening in Brazil right now? There are three incidents that I'm aware of in the recent few months that demonstrate a kind of mass hysteria and explosion of violence.

No doubt there are sociological as well as energetic forces contributing to this enflamed expression. Brazil is evolving rapidly in many areas at this time, but in this area there is something that must be addressed.

For Brazil to emerge as a leader in the world, it is necessary to integrate this 'shadow'. As in the riots earlier this year after the public transportation cost increase and the voice of the many needed to be heard, here another voice must be heard. What is it that we must recognize to quell this unspeakable violence?

Something new and sacred must come into the picture to help people to see the 'other' as one of their own, as their brother or sister, so that the license one feels to lash out, to destroy (and murder) another can be circumvented, to be kept in check and ultimately transmuted into the love for one's fellow man. Article links with incidents follow. Please do what you can to bring peace to this land and people. I have no doubt that there will be some wise voices from Brazil that will be able to contribute to this discussion. I and my brother are one.

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