Worldwide increase in killings of environmental activists


Chico Mendes, assassinated environmentalist with his son Sandino

Chico Mendes, assassinated environmentalist with his son Sandino

It is tragic that there has been an increase in the killings of those working on behalf of the forests and the environment in the World. While more killings have occurred in Brazil during the last year than in other countries, the increase isn’t just limited to Brazil.

According the group Global Witness, killings of environmental activists have risen by 20% in the last year. They report that there were 116 deaths worldwide in 2014, including 29 in Brazil, 25 in Colombia and 15 in the Philippines.

These individuals who have dedicated their lives to the environment and deserve our gratitude. The killings, which in many cases throughout the recent past has happened with impunity, must end. These individuals seeking to protect the environment, must in turn as all life must, be protected.

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