Brazil Beaches

Brazil beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world! Brazil boasts 7,000 miles or 8,000 kilometers of coastline and several thousand beaches from which to choose, so it's no wonder that locals and tourists alike flock to these coastal areas to relax and soak up the sun.

Most Popular Beaches in Brazil

The most popular beaches in Brazil are ones you may have heard of already or perhaps a few you've not heard of yet. The ones we'll list here are the ones most frequented by local people and visitors each year.

  • Alter do Chao, Para - a river beach located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest

  • Rio de Janeiro beaches - very popular with tourists given their beauty and access to entertainment and night life

  • Costa Verde, near Sao Paulo - offers the best of both worlds meaning you can enjoy sandy beaches and tropical rainforest too

  • Copacabana - the crown jewel of Brazil beaches and one of the most famous beaches in the world to visit. It's a favorite for those who love playing sports on the beach and in the water. Want to party? This is the beach for enjoying the night life.

  • Ipanema - more family oriented than some others, but you'll still see the thongs and mini-bikini's sported here. The sparkling blue water and soft white sandy beaches are very popular with tourists.

Beautiful Beaches of Brazil

These beaches are considered some of the most beautiful in Brazil.

  • Taipus de Fora, Bahia - Marau peninsula - an excellent location for snorkeling. You can enjoy the sandy beaches and explore reef pools and swim in the naturally formed swimming pool surrounded by gorgeous coral reefs.

  • Praia da Pipa - dolphins and turtles frequent this stunningly beautiful beach where you can swim, canoe, or ride horses on the beach trails

  • Praia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha - voted many times as Brazil's most beautiful beach, it boasts gorgeous turquoise water and beautiful coral reefs. It's a bit of a challenge to reach the beach - you must climb down a metal ladder from the top of a cliff down through a hole in a rock to get there!
Brazil Beaches

Remote Beaches in Brazil

You may have to hike, swim, walk, or take a buggy, horse, or car to reach these beaches, but the scenery and the seclusion is well worth the effort!

  • Jericoacoara, Ceara

  • Buzios - a beach resort about 2 hours away from Rio de Janiero

  • Icaraizinho de Amontada

  • Brava da Almada

  • Riacho Doce

  • Carro Quebrado

Tips For Visitors to Brazil Beaches

Please enjoy this video by our Portuguese teacher Luciana who filmed these Brazil beach tips especially for those who are new to visiting the beach in Brazil.

We've summarized some of Luciana's tips here, and added a few of our own.

  • The Brazilian sun is quite strong so please bring your sunscreen!

  • Please don't bring along your own umbrellas and chairs. These are provided on the beach for visitors by locals who earn their livelihood by selling you drinks and food in exchange for the use of their umbrellas and chairs.

  • Safety varies tremedously depending on which Brazilian beaches you are visiting. Lifeguards are not common, except in some beaches in Rio de Janiero, although most towns do post safety flags to alert you to the swimming conditions.

    Generally these flags are bright red. Please respect the safety flags and do not swim when the flags are posted.

    Red flags may also be present on Brazil beaches when water quality is not fit for swimming. You may also see a sign that says Praia imprópria para banho which means beach is not appropriate for swimming.

  • Be aware of riptides! Always read and obey the signs posted on the beach regarding riptides. Also be aware of any area that is posted for shark attacks.

  • Although there are a few nude beaches in Brazil, it is generally illegal to go topless on the beach, so ladies, please keep your tops in place.

  • Generally, if you can see the coral in the ocean, it's safe to swim in the pools naturally created by the surrounding coral. When the coral can no longer be seen, it's not safe to swim in the water because many times sharks find their way into the deeper waters.

Environmental Issues Facing Brazil Beaches

In 2010, hundreds of baby penguins washed up on the beach shores of Rio de Janeiro, which is more than ever encountered in previous years. Scientists are speculating that possibly the lack of food is forcing the penguins to further afield to find sustenance and in doing so, they are caught up in the ocean's stronger currents and unable to swim hard enough to escape. This situation is especially problematic for baby penguins.

Water pollution is a consistent threat to all bodies of water across the world and Brazil is no different. Some of the beach areas in Brazil have taken measures to keep the water and the stretches of sandy beach unpolluted and clean by hiring officers who patrol the beach to enforce proper garbage disposal.

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