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You can find just about anything you could want in a Brazil newspaper, whether you're fluent in Portuguese or not. There are a lot more newspaper publications in Brazil printed in the Portuguese language, but thankfully there are several newspapers printed in English as well.

What can you find out from a Brazilian newspaper? Most of them have a presence online as well as printing an actual paper, so you can find this information easily both ways.

  • Hotel accommodations

  • Weather report - day and week

  • Economy updates

  • Cultural events

  • Stock market reports

  • Financial and investment information

  • Shopping - sales, store locations

  • Vacation information - resorts, special holiday rates, and more

  • Real estate - what's for sale?

  • Theater events - dates, times, prices

  • Entertainment - hot spots, free events and more

  • Movies - what's playing and what time

  • Human interest stories

  • Politics - national and local

  • Celebrations - what's going on in your state or around Brazil

  • Business

All of these topics and more are covered in Brazil newspaper publications!

English Language Newspapers in Brazil

Seven different Brazil newspapers print their publication in English and direct their topics and news to English speaking residents. These papers are helpful for tourists and visitors to the country as well to keep up with what is happening not only in Brazil, but in the world as well.

BBC Country Profile - Brazil

The BBC Country Profile features interesting news pieces on happenings within the country of Brazil. They have feature stories on political figures of the country, cultural events, and more.

You'll find overviews on the country of Brazil, information on fun events happening in the country and the important news of the day.

The online version of the paper has several tabs on the left where you can find out about world news too, including news in surrounding countries, health information, environmental happenings, technology breakthroughs, and entertainment news.

There is a printable version of this paper available via an online link if you so desire.

Rio Times

The Rio Times is an excellent news source for finding helpful information on everything happening in Rio de Janeiro. You can find dates and times for holiday celebrations, health tips, news on political figures meeting in the city, entertainment news, and what the latest trends are in real estate and home decorating.

This newspaper publication also features news about the country of Brazil including sports events, travel information, where to go for the best nightlife, politics, business, classified postings, and breathtaking photos from Rio de Janeiro and from around the country of Brazil.

This online version of a newspaper is a refreshing and fun look at the bustling city of Sao Paulo with features stories from around Brazil.

You might read about a foreigners' viewpoint on Brazil, the latest marathon in Brazil, tips for surviving and enjoying special events like Carnival, sports happenings and scores, or tips for parents on various topics.

Other topics that are covered on include the latest information on travel and culture.

The Economist @

The financially minded and technologically minded person will love this online Brazil newspaper. Find all sorts of information including an overview of the country of Brazil, the World Bank, currency conversions, the latest technological gadgets, market information, cultural trends, and the latest economy news.

Click on any tab on the left side of the screen to access the most updated news on books and art, economy, people of Brazil, world news, finance, markets of the world, technology, science, and more.

The information for is taken from the printed version of The Economist newspaper.


What can you find at It's a hub for directing you to helpful information regarding all the news of the country of Brazil.

Some of the topics covered include education, business, the people groups of Brazil, economic trends, environmental concerns, politics and political figures, children, societal concerns and issues, the history of Brazil, labor issues, foreign policy, travel, and human-interest stories from the cities and rural areas of the country.

This is an English language magazine produced in the United States that's all about the country of Brazil. The current day news stories of interest are posted daily and they have archives of past articles and content that you can read at your leisure.

Topics might include, but aren't limited to: human interest stories, insight into the politics and politicians of Brazil, meetings between the president of Brazil and the president of the U.S., religion, fishing and outdoor recreation, Brazilian celebrations, wind and solar energy, Brazil's culture and traditions, child labor issues, and Brazil's economy.

Portuguese Language Brazil Newspaper Publications

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, so it would make sense that there are many, many newspapers printed in the Portuguese language.

National Brazilian Portuguese newspapers: A Tarde, O Globo, Gazeta Esportiva, Correio Brazilense, Valor Economico, O Dia, Jornal do Brasil, Diario Oficial, Zero Hora, Folha de Sao Paulo, Lance, O Estado de Sao Paulo, and Gazeta Mercantil.

Brazil newspapers that cover state and local news as well as national news: Correio do Povo, Gazeta, A Notica, A Tribuna, Correio, Diario de Pernambuco, Diario Catarinense, Correio da Bahia, Jornal do Sul, Diario do Nordeste, A Critica, Diario da Amazonia, Correio Braziliense, and A Tribuna de Vitoria.

Smaller local Brazil newspapers can probably be found within small towns throughout the country, but aren't found online. If you're visiting Brazil, always try to find the local newsstands and peruse the local publications - they're filled with excellent and current information on what is going on right there where you are.

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