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Information on Applying for a Visa for Brazil

Are you planning a trip to Brazil, either for work or pleasure and need information on a Brazil visa? Getting a visa for Brazil is one of the first steps in planning your trip, whether you are looking for a tourist visa or a work visa.

Brazil Visa Requirements

The basic requirements are the same for the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Residents of the United Kingdom do not require a visa for Brazil. For the other countries, you will need a valid passport with at least six months left on it.

You will also need to fill out an application which can be found on the Brazilian embassy's website in the country where you live. There are several consulate offices in each country; you will choose the one that covers your area.

The main requirements for visas remain the same; however, there may be additional documents needed for the individual consulate. For instance, the Atlanta consulate for Brazil requires a bank statement to verify financial responsibility.

You will also have to include a passport-style photograph. You must submit a copy of your itinerary, including city of entry and departure, flight number, and name of airline. The itinerary must be on letterhead of either the airline or a travel agency.

New Zealand residents can travel for tourism purposes with only their passport and do not need a visa, unless they will be working. Then they will require a work visa. Once they have arrived in Brazil, they will need to present their passport and proof of departure.

All countries must include payment of fees at the time of application. Australian residents will need to provide a bank statement or other proof of financial ability to pay if they are self-employed, a student, or retired.

Once your visa has been processed, you have ninety days to enter Brazil. You can stay up to ninety days at one time on a tourist visa, but it can be renewed while you are there for another ninety days. You have to contact the Department of Federal Police at least thirty days before it expires.

Visa Application for Brazil

You can find the application for a visa for Brazil online. To find the website, visit the Brazil Consulate in the country where you live. Search for visas and read the requirements; you will find the website to complete your application.

You can also go directly to the website It would be beneficial to visit the consulate website first to read through the information they provide on getting a Brazil visa. That way you won't waste time with an incomplete application.

Another way to get to the application is by visiting the website of a visa service company or travel agent. They can help you prepare your application.

There are four sections to the visa: General Information, Documents, Occupation, and Addresses. Everything must be filled out completely in order to process your application. Once you have completed it online, you can print it out and sign it. It will take between five and twenty business days to process the application once it has been received.

Brazil Work Visa

If you are planning to do any kind of work in Brazil, you will need a work visa. Requirements are similar to tourist visas, but there are additional items that you will need to complete your application.

You will need to request authorization to the Ministry of Tourism in Brazil. This is generally done by the employer or business located in Brazil. Once you have been approved, the Embassy will process your visa application and you will be required to present the needed documents.

You will need to present a letter detailing the type of business where you are employed and what you will be doing in Brazil. This must be presented on the company letterhead by someone like a senior manager. If you are the owner and are going to Brazil, you must sign the letter in the presence of a notary.

A work visa can be valid up to ten years, depending on the country of issue. Visas for Canada are good for five years, and most US visas last up to two years. You can have multiple entries to Brazil on a work visa; however, you are limited to one emergency visa in six months. Emergency visas may be issued for technical services or other problems that need dealt with quickly.

Work visas sound complicated, but once you understand the process, they are not that different from tourist visas. It is essential that you know the difference and understand which visa for Brazil to apply for to get approved.

Brazil Visa Service

You can complete the application yourself for a Brazil visa; however, you may have to wait through long lines. You may also have trouble tracking your application; most consulates will not allow phone calls to check on the status.

One way to prevent these issues is by using a visa service. There are numerous companies online. They will charge a fee to handle your application; the only thing you have to do is fill out the online application and provide the needed documents.

A visa service can deliver documents to the appropriate embassy; they can expedite processing if you need a visa fast. A service also keeps up on any changes in visa requirements to make sure you have accurate information for processing your applications the first time.

Fees vary among Brazil visa services, so you will want to research your choices. Using a service can take some of the responsibility off your shoulders and let you begin planning the rest of the trip.

A trip to Brazil can be fun and exciting, regardless if the purpose is work or play. However, the requirements for obtaining a visa for Brazil are different, depending on your purpose. It is essential that you know the steps for getting the visa you need.

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