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The Brazil consulate is an important office for promoting and facilitating diplomatic relationships between countries. Brazilian consulates are located in several large U.S. cities in an effort to make their services available to the most people possible.

What is a Consulate?

Consulates and embassies are mistakenly categorized as the same thing, but a consulate is really a scaled down version of an embassy. Both were created with the purpose of connecting countries in a way that allows people from two different countries to travel back and forth without too much hassle and to keep relations between two countries healthy and open.

The Consul, or Chief Diplomat, is the head of the consulate and makes all major decisions regarding tourists, migrants, expatriots, and the like.

A consulate exists to handle various tasks, but the most common one for which they are known is to handle the issuing of visas for traveling purposes. What else does a Brazil consulate do?

Brazilian Consulates - Services Available

  • Process applications for various types of visas

  • Reviews of passports

  • Consular services - legalizing papers having to do with schools, colleges, or universities, school transcripts, and diplomas

  • Certified documents

  • Handle powers of attorney for any citizen other than Brazilian citizens

  • Provides detailed customs information - for plants, pets, and animals

  • Legalizes various other documents in addition to school documents - this way the documents are recognized as legally binding in Brazil

  • Marriage laws of Brazil for non-Brazilian citizens - the Brazil consulates can give you detailed information on the laws regarding marriage in Brazil if you aren't a legal Brazilian citizen

  • Cultural information - helpful for tourists and others visiting the country

  • Tourist information - gives helpful suggestions for travel agencies, information on currency exchange, resources for Brazil maps, and much more

  • Trade and business shows - the consulate can give you information on any trade shows happening in the country at any given time

Locations of Brazil Consulates in the United States

Where are the consulates for Brazil located? This information could be very helpful to you if you're planning a trip to Brazil and need to have a visa and passport reviewed and approved. Once the consulate approves your documents and issues you a valid visa, you're all set to travel to the beautiful country of Brazil!

The nine Brazil consulate locations in the United States include:

  • Consulate General of Boston

  • Consulate General of Atlanta

  • Consulate General of Washington DC

  • Consulate General of Chicago

  • Consulate General of New York

  • Consulate General of San Francisco

  • Consulate General of Houston

  • Consulate General of Miami

  • Consulate General of Hartford

Each consulate location has jurisdiction over a specific region of the United States, so if you're planning to visit one of the locations, make sure the one to which you're traveling handles your area of the country. Otherwise, you may have to make an additional trip to another consulate location.

Interesting Fast Facts About Brazil Consulates

Many consulates will only accept visa applications in person, so be sure to check the terms and conditions of submitting a visa application before sending it along. Typically any visa application submitted any other way other than in person is automatically tossed and rejected.

You must also have an appointment to submit your visa application, so be sure to make one before showing up.

People who work at the Brazil consulate and embassy will almost always have diplomatic immunity, which means they cannot be arrested or put into jail in the United States.

The consulates of Brazil reach out to both Brazilian and United States citizens by making available to them their services and any information they can provide to make traveling to the other country as smooth of a process as possible.

Consulates help to foster good relationships between the U.S. and Brazil.

Additional Information Available on Brazil
Consulate Websites

Each consulate website includes driving directions, contact information, address, list of services available, office hours and days of operation, Brazilian holiday information, the weather in Brazil, and forms available for download.

The websites have all the information in two languages: English and Portuguese so that citizens from both countries can easily find the information they need when visiting the website.

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