Brazil Tourist Visa

A Brazil tourist visa is for anyone traveling to Brazil who will be visiting family or friends, participating in organized amateur sports, speaking at or attending a convention, or for sightseeing and simply relaxing. You cannot be paid for these activities while on a tourist visa.

Who Needs a Brazil Visa?

Brazil does allow several countries to enter and leave their country without the requirement of a visa, but there are some countries who must have a visa in order to enter and leave Brazil.

Residents of countries including United States, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Canada, Nigeria, Mexico, and Japan must obtain a visa before leaving home.

What Will You Need to Get a Brazil Tourist Visa?

  1. First and foremost, you must apply for a visa in person at a Brazil Consulate location. You may not mail or e-mail your application.

  2. You must have a current passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the time you plan to leave Brazil and it must have at least one blank visa page in it.

  3. United Kingdom residents must show proof of their residency.

  4. Take along a photo of yourself that was taken within the last six months. The photo must be taken against a white background and be glued to the visa application.

  5. Proof of your financial stability is also required. Bring along a current bank statement. The statement must demonstrate that you have at least $56 a day available for the duration of your visit to Brazil.

  6. Bring also a copy of your travel itinerary, including flight information. It should include arrival and departure details.

  7. Yellow fever certificates are required for anyone who has recently visited a country that has yellow fever or if you're planning to visit any area of Brazil that has had an outbreak of yellow fever.

  8. You must bring your visa application completely and thoroughly filled out.

  9. Make an enlarged copy of your driver's license and bring that along too.

You could wait as long as 10 to 15 days for your visa application to be processed and approved. Be prepared to pay around $141 or 88 English pounds for a Brazil tourist visa.

Brazil Tourist Visa for Minors

Parents can apply for a visa for children under 18 years old. To do so, parents must present a valid birth certificate for each child. Minors traveling without their parents must carry a notarized letter from their parents to the Consulate allowing the issuance of a visa to the minor.

Extending a Visa

It is possible to extend your visa, but you must begin the process of extension at least 2 weeks before your visa expires. Visa extensions are done through the federal police. Please understand that if you don't get permission to extend your visa, you will be deported once your visa is expired.

It is possible to extend a visa for up to another three months past the originally approved three months.


A polio vaccination is required for all children traveling into Brazil between the ages of 3 months old and six years old. Proof of vaccination is required.

It's possible that you may be required to get a vaccination for yellow fever depending on where in the country you're traveling. Or it may be that the yellow fever vaccination will simply be suggested as a good idea.

Routine vaccinations should be up-to-date, including MMR, DPT, chicken pox, polio, and influenza.

Requirements and Helpful Information

Once your visa has been approved, you must travel within three months of the time it's issued or it becomes void.

You may visit Brazil for up to three months on your visa, but after that time frame, the visa must be extended. You can enter and leave Brazil multiple times within that 90 days if you like.

A tourist visa prohibits you from engaging in the purchase of any paid activities while visiting the country.

A visa cannot be issued to anyone in an airport, whether it's a Brazil airport or a U.S. airport. You must have your visa in hand before planning to leave the country.

Citizens of the U.S. and many other foreign countries will be asked and required to complete an immigration form upon arriving in Brazil. It will be stamped by airport immigration officials. You'll want to keep it in a safe place as you will be required to show it upon departing the country. If you don't produce it, you could be detained and may be fined.

Detailed instructions for U.S. citizens can be found here:

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