Brazil Visa Requirements

Anyone considering travel to Brazil need to understand Brazil visa requirements in order to successfully and efficiently acquire a visa prior to taking the trip.

We're going to discuss the several different types of visas that are potentially available along with other pertinent information you will want to know before you apply and for the application process.

United States citizens must have a visa in hand when traveling into Brazil. The country of Brazil also requires that their citizens have a visa in order to enter the United States. How about citizens of other countries?

Countries that do no require Brazilian citizens to hold a visa to enter their country do not require one to enter Brazil in most cases. It's possible that you may need a business visa or a tourist visa to enter Brazil without difficulty if you are not an U.S. citizen.

How to Submit a Brazilian Visa Application

Some consulates will not accept any applications submitted by mail, but instead will only accept applications brought to the consulate in person. The type of visa for which you are applying may determine whether the application will be accepted by mail or will require you to submit it in person.

A third party such as a friend, travel agent, family member, or the representative of a visa service can, when authorized, submit a visa application in your place.

Visa application service outfits can be pricey, but can be well worth the investment if you are unable to appear in person to submit your application.

Types of Visas to Brazil

Brazil visa requirements are typically pretty straightforward, but there could be a few differences depending on the type of visa in which you're interested. The types of visas you can apply for include:

General Brazil Visa Requirements

  • Valid passport with an expiration date that's at least 6 months after the date you plan to visit Brazil

  • A single head shot photograph - you may not wear a hat, scarf, or other head covering and the background must be plain off-white

  • A single complete visa application - signed and dated

  • A copy of your itinerary, which must indicate the name of the person traveling, details about your activities while in the country, the arrival date to Brazil, the departure date from Brazil, the name of the cruise line and the name of the vessel on which you're traveling, and the name of the airline and the flight number.

  • Payment of a reciprocity fee - this is non-refundable

  • Processing fee possible if you don't present your application and passport personally

  • Immunization records - possibly

  • Consular fees

  • Children or minors applying for a visa must have a valid birth certificate

Tourist Visa

The purpose of a tourist visa is for visiting Brazil to see the sights, take tours of the country, visit family or friends, play recreational team sports, or to attend educational seminars as a participant or speaker.

Work Visa

Work visas are for those entering Brazil in a professional capacity - researcher, trade professional, scientist, professor, technician, intern, doctors, volunteers for a non-profit organization, and crewmembers on fishing boats or trainees for cruise lines.

Business Visa

Business visas are for those entering Brazil for the express purpose of attending meetings for professional reasons, discussion of exporting and importing products, or for those negotiating contracts with Brazilian business owners. The business visa also covers those entering the country with a film or media company.

Student Visa

Students enrolling at a Brazilian college or university will need a student visa. You'll also need an official letter from the university or college where you'll be attending in addition the general visa requirements listed above.

Exchange Student Visa

This type of visa is strictly temporary and is awarded to students enrolled in an Exchange Students Program, planning to spend their time in the program in Brazil.

Missionary Visa

This is a special temporary visa. You'll want to confirm the requirements for this particular visa. See for information on missionary visas. Other types of visas include:

  • Retired Persons Visa - permanent visa

  • Family Reunion Permanent Visa - this is a visa for spouses of a Brazilian citizen

  • Permanent visas for Researchers, Senior Executives, and Foreign Investors

Tips to Keep in Mind Along with Brazil Visa Requirements

When planning your trip abroad, always factor in the processing time for your visa application. Don't cut it too close or you could lose money and opportunity if the visa application is denied or there is a problem with it prior to your departure date. Processing could take 2 days or it could take 15 days.

Consulates usually stipulate that all fees paid to them must be in the form of a money order from the United States Postal Service. Ask about this in advance.

You may need a work permit in addition to a business visa to enter the country legally.

Visas can be a single-entry or multiple-entry visa, depending on the reason you're visiting Brazil and the type of visa you've obtained.

Research thoroughly Brazil visa requirements so that the application process will go more smoothly and efficiently. You'll lose time and money if you're careless with any of the documents required or if you are slow to produce what is needed.

Take care to read everything you can on the topic so you're well prepared and not blind sighted at the last minute with any surprises. This way, you're more likely to obtain your visa in a timely manner and travel to Brazil when you had planned.

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