Brazilian Songs

Brazilian songs and music are the heart and soul of Brazilian culture. Music is heard in the streets, shops, homes, businesses, schools, and churches. It's part of every family celebration, every festival, every special occasion, and can even be heard played on the streets of Brazil for no particular reason other than to be enjoyed.

You may hear jazz on one street corner and samba on another. One café might have live music featuring bossa nova while another may feature Brazillian rock. The diversity of the music in Brazil is one of the most exciting features of the country!

Brazil is home to many styles and types of music including MPB, samba, bossa nova, frevo, choro, brega, jazz, maracatu, forro, Brazilian rock, and a very heavy metal sound of music, axe. Each has it's own sound and rhythm that makes it unique from other types of Brazilian music.

There are many other types of Brazilian songs and music that are indigenous to specific regions of Brazil as well. Examples of these would be Capoeira, Repentismo, Afoxe, and Eastern Amazonia styles.

The native people living in the rainforest have their own versions of Brazilian songs and musical style. They make music using some of the oldest instruments known in Brazilian history like rattles, whistles, horns, drums, and flutes. If you listen carefully, you can pick out the sound of rain, wind, and animal sounds that you would hear in the rainforest.

Here we would like to share with you some of the most uplifting and spiritual songs of Brazil. Some of these are extremely popular in the mainstream, whereas others are simply beautiful in lyric and song.

Brazilian Songs to Lift You Up

  1. This song sung by Marisa Monte is called Borboleta, which means little butterfly.

  2. The song Aquarel or Watercolor sung by Toquinho & Vinícius is sweet and uplifting. The lyrics talk about drawing and painting beautiful scenes like a sun, seagull, and clouds. It has a soft, lilting melody that is easy to listen to.
    Aquarel or Watercolor

  3. De volta pro meu aconchego is a romantic song sung by Elba Ramalho. The title means Back Home. The song talks about returning home after being away from a loved one and how she feels when she looks into his eyes again.
    De volta pro meu aconchego

  4. Edson & Hudson sing a song called Foi Deus or It Was God that will touch your heart. The lyrics talk about how God gave him the love of his life. So very romantic!
    Foi Deus

  5. Tom Jobim is one of Brazil's most popular piano players and it's no wonder when you hear him play! Nice background music to enjoy while entertaining or relaxing.
    Tom Jobim

  6. This song called Agua de beber. Tom Jobim plays more of a jazzy, fun song in this video.
    Agua de beber

  7. Do you have a daughter? You'll love this beautiful song called Minha princesa or My Princess sung by Brenda Calypso. The lyrics talk about a mother's love for her daughter and it's really precious.
    Minha princesa

  8. Magdalena by Elis Regina is a beautiful song that really shows off this singer's abilities. The lyrics talk of love and relate feelings of love to nature.

  9. Gilberto Gil has long been one of Brazil's popular singers. In this video he sings a song called Aquele Abraco. Unfortunately, lyrics in English weren't available, so just listen and enjoy!
    Aquele Abraco

  10. Words to the Wind or Palavras ao Vento is a heartfelt song sung by Cassia Eller, one of Brazil's most favorite musicians and singers. Her voice is lower than some women singers, but has a beautiful soothing sound. This song speaks of love, passion, and the hope that neither will ever end.
    Palavras ao Vento

  11. Before his death in 1990, Cazuza was a very popular blues singer. He has a beautiful voice and blended with the blues music as accompaniament, his songs are easy to listen to and even tap your foot to if you like.

  12. Do you love dramatic singing - the kind that makes your heart rise and fall with each note? You'll love this amazingly talented woman's singing. Her name is Ida Miccolis. You won't soon forget her voice!

  13. Brazilian songs are filled with meaning and this is one you can tap your foot to, dance to, or clean your house in record time to! It's fun, uplifting, and makes you smile. It's called Carrapicho.

  14. Cadu sings a compilation of many soft, easy listening songs accompanied by a guitar in this video. Beautiful!
    Cadu sings

  15. You could dance to this! Vocals, drums, and a great rhythm make for a fun and festive environment with the background music of Samba Do Brasil by Ey Macalena.

  16. This is called Brazilian Trance Dance - features the saxophone and brass instruments. Nice vocals too!
    Brazilian Trance Dance

Brazilian songs and music can solicit feelings of excitement, joy, and passion as you listen to them. Music has been woven into the very fabric of Brazilian history and culture for over 500 years, so it's no wonder that new and exciting sounds of music have emerged over the centuries.

Interested in expanding your musical horizons? Check out the various sounds of Brazilian music and you're sure to do just that! You may find yourself listening to more and more of it as you discover talented Brazilian artists, both with excellent singing voices and excellent musical ability on instruments.

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