Cheap Tickets to Brazil

Twelve Tips to find Cheap Flights to Brazil

If you are planning to travel to South America, cheap tickets to Brazil may be difficult to find if you don't know where to look.

Here are tips to help you to quickly find the best cheap travel deals to Brazil.

Brazil is a busy tourist country with a growing economy, and is popular with all kinds of people worldwide for holidays and vacations.

Even if you are on a budget, it may be possible for you to find cheap flights to Brazil, as well as accommodations, tourist attractions, and restaurants in your price range.

It is more possible than you may imagine to enjoy the beautiful scenery and rich history that Brazil has to offer.

Tips to Find Cheap Tickets to Brazil

  1. Vary your search criteria to find cheap flights to Brazil. Be willing to change your dates and times to see which options are the cheapest. Certain days of the week are less popular than others so tickets are cheaper.

  2. Play around with the flight planner of your favorite website and change the days for your departure and return to find the best choices. Early mornings and late nights are prime times of the day to fly if you are trying to save money.

  3. If you use a certain travel website, consider trying a different one. There are numerous sites that promise to have the lowest prices. If you are willing to do some research, you can often find bargains at one site that are not available at all of the others.

  4. When you are experimenting to get cheap tickets to Brazil, select different hubs for your departure and destination. If you live fairly close to more than one hub, it might be worth the extra drive to save money. You will have to factor in the extra cost of transportation to and from the hubs, but if the savings are large enough, it could be worthwhile.

  5. Smaller airports can be cheaper than flying into Rio or Sao Paulo. Also, check out charter companies that are flying into Brazil. If you are willing to wait until the last minute, you can find a real bargain.

  6. Consider flying into one city and out of another; this could also save you money. It can also save transportation costs if you will be visiting different areas of Brazil. You can begin your trip in one city of Brazil and finish in another without having to waste time and money traveling back to the first city.

  7. If your schedule is flexible, change your travel time to the off-season; Brazil's off-season is May through October. September and October are good months to visit because it is springtime there and the days are getting warmer. It is also just before the rainy season in the Amazon. Even the winter season in Brazil is mild and enjoyable for travel.

  8. Once you have finished your research on the different travel sites, check out the airlineís websites. While they are often higher than the discount sites, they will offer rate reductions that you can only get from their site. If you are willing to wait until close to travel time, you can often save money by booking last minute.

  9. If you have plenty of time before your vacation, consider an auction site. While you might not get the price you want, you can often save money if the flight is not booking as fast as the airline would like. The downside of this is if you do not get your price, you may end up paying more at other places.

  10. Book early to get cheap tickets to Brazil. If you know you are going to Brazil for your next vacation, buy your tickets far in advance. You can often get major savings this way. If you are concerned about having to cancel, you can check out the cost of making the tickets refundable. If the savings is worth it, you may benefit from this option.

Try Out a Travel Agent

Many people do not consider a travel agency to handle their plans, but you can save money by using one. Part of their job is to know the best options to save you money, and they know which websites and airlines will give you the best deals. They can also watch the prices for tickets at different times to find a bargain and book it before it goes away.

You can also book packages which can make things cheaper. Often at discount travel websites, you can get a hotel, rental car, and airfare cheaper than if you purchased airfare alone. This can end up saving you hundreds of dollars if your trip is long enough.

Tips by Country

For people in the United States, flying out of a southern city will be cheaper, like Miami. Consider booking a flight from your airport to Miami and then booking a separate flight on to Brazil.

For Canadians, their best option is to fly into an American city and then book their trip to Brazil from there. They are limited to flying from Toronto in their own country, which limits their options.

If you are traveling from the UK to Brazil, you will want to check the rates to Lisbon. It can be cheaper to fly into Lisbon and then on to Brazil. Lisbon has the most flights that go into the airports in Brazil, which will make their fares cheaper.

The best way to save money on cheap flights to Brazil is by being flexible. If you can adjust your travel time, you can find discounts on many websites. Start planning early and watch the price changes to predict what will be the best price you can get.

It can take some time and effort to find good bargains for cheap tickets to Brazil. However, the savings are there if you are willing to work for them. The more money you save on airfare and accommodations, the more you have to spend on enjoying all Brazil has to offer.

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