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Finding a Quiet Rio Beach!

Choosing a Rio de Janeiro beach is all about what you want for your trip.

Are you looking for fun and excitement with busy crowds? Do you prefer a quiet, out-of-the-way place for privacy and relaxation? While most people know about the beaches that are most popular, there are others that have a lot to offer guests.

Prainha Beach

Prainha means "little beach" and that gives you an accurate description of this quiet, little spot if you want to get away from the crowds. It is just a short drive southwest from Rio and is a moon-shaped isle perfect for surfers.

You will find a small outdoor restaurant on the southwest cliff overlooking the beach. It is a wonderful place to eat if you are looking for a beautiful view of the water. It is within walking distance of the beach by following a short trail.

The restaurant is only open until six in the evening but offers a variety of fresh seafood dishes and appetizers. The view alone is worth the visit and the peace and quiet can be a nice break from the excitement of another Rio beach.

There is only one lifeguard on duty at Prainha Beach and the waves can be quite strong. Only experienced surfers should try out the waves and even swimmers should not venture far from shore due to the strong undercurrents.

There is limited transportation to the beach so if you are not driving, you should arrange for a taxi from your hotel for the round trip. This will prevent you from being stranded or having to track down a taxi at the end of the day.

Grumari Beach

One of the best things about Grumari Beach is that it has not been discovered by the masses. It is a Rio de Janeiro beach that is environmentally preserved by the city. No buses are allowed and a limited number of other vehicles.

The beach is protected by mountains and has been the scene of many movies and soap operas for its unspoiled beauty. During the week, it is almost deserted, but you will find a fisherman colony that supplies the seafood for the local restaurants.

There is limited access to the beach so it is best to arrange for a taxi to pick you up before you leave your hotel. The fishermen may be persuaded to take you to one of the other nearby beaches in their boats, too.

Recreio Beach

If you are hoping to have some other adventures besides lying out on the beach, Recreio Beach may be the place for you. It lacks the crowds of the more popular Rio spots, but has many activities to keep you from being bored.

There are two prime spots for surfing and annual tournaments are held here. You will also find surfing schools if you want to learn. Bodyboarding is another popular water sport for the beach.

The locals who go to this beach are the wealthy Brazilians, but it is a perfect spot for families, too. You will find many volleyball games set up along the beach.

Nearby, there is a skateboard park that teenagers will enjoy. A bike trail is popular with local residents and tourists. There are hotels nearby so you can stay close to the beach and you will find restaurants, theatres, and shopping malls to keep you occupied when you are not on the beach.

Praia Vermelha Beach

Praia Vermelha Beach is called the "Red Beach" and is an oasis of calm from the excitement of nearby Rio. It is a beautiful Rio de Janeiro beach that you can enjoy without the crowds of Copacabana.

It is the site of many of nature?s beauties, such as bamboo and coconut trees, orchids, cacti, and grassy bushes. The steeply sloped sands bring a wild beauty to the area and you can enjoy the view of Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Praia Vermelha Beach is a great place for both beginning and experienced surfers. It is also a prime site for body boarders due to the fast and hollow waves. You can also visit Cotunduba Island with a tour that leaves from the beach. The island is a great place to go kayaking and very few people know about it so there are no crowds.

While at the beach, you can visit a popular club called Circulo Militar and enjoy the local seafood dishes. If you are feeling adventurous, you can find experts to teach you the art of rock climbing.

Barra da Tijuca Beach

This is the longest Rio beach at twelve kilometers and has beautiful green water and nice waves for surfers to enjoy. It also hosts many national and international competitions and is one of the most elite beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

There are a number of restaurants on the beach, as well as "barracas," tents that sell food and drinks. The beach is quiet during the week and a perfect spot to relax without the crowds. However, it gets busy on the weekends, especially from December to March.

You have several options to get to Barra da Tijuca Beach, including the buses. However, they only go to part of the beach, which can leave you walking for another twenty minutes. You can rent a car or take a taxi if you want to cut down on the time it takes to get to your exact destination.

Many people think of the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches when they think of a Rio de Janeiro beach. However, the city has many other options, depending on your interests. If you want a place to get away from the crowds, you will find many choices in Rio.

There are places for families to take their children and water sports enthusiasts to practice their skills. You can find desolate spots if you just want to relax and enjoy the peace and calm of the water. You will find the perfect Rio de Janeiro beach for your vacation if you look past the usual choices.

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