Explore the Rio De Janeiro Beaches

When you are planning a vacation to Brazil, the Rio de Janeiro beaches are one place that may come to mind.

They are some of the tourist spots that have made Brazil famous with people from all over the world. People choose the beach for relaxation or enjoyment and to get away from their everyday life.

Before booking your trip, you will need to know the best beaches for the kind of adventure you are looking for. You will want to get past the stereotype that people have put on Brazil and find the place that suits you.

The Best Rio de Janeiro Beaches to Visit

One of the most famous of Rio's beaches is Copacobana. You may picture a beach crowded with young people enjoying the sun and the sand. The beach became famous when the Copacobana Palace opened in 1923. It was a luxury hotel where Hollywood's stars stayed.

Once Brazil's economy took a downward turn so did the beach. Pollution and crime changed the atmosphere on the once-chic spot. The trendy beachcombers found other spots to hang out.

Copacobana Beach is changing its look once again by adding juice bars. You can also take a walk early in the morning or enjoy the number of sports you will find during the day. One of the biggest parties in Brazil is held here on New Year's Eve.

Ipanema Beach is another of the most popular choices for many people looking for a beach vacation. It is one of the safest beaches in Rio and one of the most beautiful areas. You will see two mountains at the western end of the beach.

Nearby to the beach, you will find plenty of restaurants, shops and bars to entertain you when you are not lying out in the sun. It is more laid back than Copa, but still promised plenty to keep you entertained.

Leblon Beach is one of the best Rio de Janeiro beaches for families. It is located in an affluent neighborhood just west of Ipanema and much quieter than many other beaches. It is more sophisticated than many of the other beaches.

An area called Baxio Baby is the perfect spot for parents and their children. It is an enclosed playground with toys for toddlers and babies. There is also a baby changing station for convenience.

Prainha is considered the best surf beach in Rio. It is crowded on the weekends; weekdays are the best time to visit. They are a few places with food and beverages. The waves can become fierce and it's best for experienced surfers.

Another great beach that is well hidden is Joatinga. The only way to get there is by car, but you will want good directions from the locals or you will never find it. Take your food and drinks, because there are seldom any vendors.

Joatinga is the perfect secluded beach for experienced surfers. Like many of the beaches in Brazil, the water can be rough and dangerous for inexperienced surfers and swimmers. Even if you do not surf, you will enjoy the beauty of Joatinga.

Many of the beaches have been polluted and are not as clean as Joatinga. The water is clear and the beach is not crowded; the perfect place to get away from everything and relax.

Grumari Beach is the perfect location to be close to the Amazon rain forest. It's a clean beach with no shops or restaurants, and it is environmentally protected.

No matter which beach you choose, most of them are perfectly safe during the day. At night, it is best to stay away from any of the beaches to avoid getting mugged. Even the beaches in the ritzy neighborhoods can be the target of thieves, and are often the spot of choice for many robbers who are looking for easy money.

Brazil Beach Etiquette

There is no reason to take your valuables or much money to the beach with you and you will less likely be a target. If you dress like the locals, it will also take the attention off of you.

For women, proper dress consists of a bikini at the beach and shorts or a cover-up when arriving or leaving the beach. Men wear shorts for their cover-up. Contrary to popular belief, beaches do not allow nudity.

You will find that most people wear very little for swimwear and it is unheard of to have a one-piece swimsuit. Brazilians are proud of their bodies, whether they are nineteen or ninety. They have a casual attitude about their shapes and sizes.

Do not bring food or drink to the Rio de Janeiro beaches. Vendors are there trying to make money with what they sell and they appreciate your business. The only exception to this is in the remote areas where service is limited.

Beach towels are not seen on Brazil's beaches. Instead, women take a sarong to sit on and men just sit in the sand. If you take a towel or a water bottle, it will label you as a visitor.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Brazil Beach

There is more to the Brazilian beaches than parties and young people. You will find beaches that have surfing, swimming, volleyball, and many other beach sports. There are mountains and other beautiful scenery and restful spots that are quiet and almost desolate.

The whole attitude of Brazil is laid back and relaxed and nowhere is that seen more than on its beaches. It is a totally different world than the one that many people live in every day. That is why it is such a popular getaway for a variety of people.

There are numerous Rio de Janeiro beaches to choose from for your vacation, and you will find at least one to fit your personality and interests. Whether you are an athlete, a sunbather, or a family person, Rio has something for everyone. One trip is all it will take and you will want to return.

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