Seeking Work In Brazil

by Jana Šulcová


we are interested in job in Brazil.

We will come to Brazil in January 2013 and we would like to work from February. Free accommodation and food without salary is good, at the begining we can work as volunteers.

We are two Czechs, 25 and 37 years old (woman and man), very communicative, interested in culture, nature and sport. We have experience from newspaper, hostel and restaurant.

Is it possible to inform me about possibilities?

Thanks for Your answer.

Nice regards,
Jana Šulcová

Our reply

Hi Jana, thank you for your message. Although it is difficult to find work in Brazil, it is possible with persistence and through making connections with Brazilians in your field of expertise. There are some job seekers resources listed in our finding work in Brazil page.

Another great resource is The Brazil Business, a blog about business in Brazil which will give you helpful and detailed insights into the current Brazilian economy.

Another possibility if you are not able to find work is to offer your services freelance. Some people do this as language teachers. Readers, do you have suggestions for Jana? Please leave your message in the comments area. Thanks very much!

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