Vitoria Brazil

Vitoria Brazil is on a small island within the boundaries of the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo. It's an interesting location given that right in Vitoria, there are rivers that connect directly to the sea, making this island a lovely place to visit and relax.

History of Vitoria

Some of the first Portuguese colonists to settle in Brazil settled in Vitoria in the year 1535. The small island wasn't very well known until a bit later when the tribal people within the country of Brazil began launching attacks against the new colonists, at which time Vitoria suddenly seemed very attractive.

More people moved into the area due to the abundance of sugar cane and gold mining potential in addition to trying to escape the attacks. Agriculture was the primary industry of the island during the first several years, but slowly became more modernized between the year 1535 and 1889.

The year 1894 in Vitoria was marked mostly by the exportation of coffee, which at that time had a very high price tag and was desired by many other countries because of its taste and quality. Vitoria's location close to the sea was a key reason exports became very important to this small island.

The modernization of Vitoria included a railroad system, hospital, cemetery, park, state museum, state library, a public archive, and several schools.

Fun Facts About Vitoria Brazil

  • Population - 318,000 as of 2008 in the Greater metropolitan area of Vitoria

  • Ethnic groups living in Vitoria - black, Pardo, Amerindian, White, and Asian

  • 14th largest metro area in the country of Brazil

  • Ranked number 9 as one of the best cities to work in the country

  • Quality of life in Vitoria ranked very high

  • One of the 3 island capitals within Brazil

  • Can fly to any of the major cities of Brazil in 60 minutes, including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte

  • Boasts some of the best schools and health facilities

  • Home to 14 colleges and universities

  • Vitoria has its own airport - Eurico de Aguiar Salles Airport

  • Connected to the country of Brazil by six bridges built across the sea

  • Religion - highest percentage of Vitoria residents are Catholic, but there are also some Protestant and some Spiritists

  • Three major ports that service upwards of 2,000 ships each year

Climate and Geography

Why would you want to visit Vitoria? It's a tropical savanna climate, which means as long as you don't mind a bit of humidity and enjoy temperatures between 75 and 87 degrees Fahrenheit, you'd love relaxing on their beaches and seeing the beautiful scenery of the island.

The island is surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and has several types of topography including beaches, marshland, and mangroves. You'll see large granite rocks rising up around various areas of the island.

You may not want to visit Vitoria between October and January unless you truly enjoy a lot of rainy days, as these are the rainiest months of all for that area of the country.

What to See and Do In Vitoria Brazil

  • Vitoria Bay - beaches, water sports, ports, deep-sea fishing, volleyball, and more

  • Parque da Fonte Grande - gorgeous native birds and wildlife of the rainforest, a huge mountain with an amazing view

  • Beaches - miles of beaches offer relaxation, swimming, beach volleyball, futebol or soccer, and scuba diving

  • Restaurants - excellent food including freshly caught fish and seafood. Vitoria is also known for delicious beef dishes.

  • Praca dos Namorados - a park located on the beach that offers a quiet place to site, take a nap, or take a jog

  • Port of Vitoria - great central spot for taking trips to beautiful places like Guarapari, Domingoes, or Vila Velha, to name a few

  • The Fort Is Joao

  • Convento da Penha - Franciscan convent

  • Catedral Metropolitana

  • Night clubs - Sao Firmino, Casa, bars in Praia de Costa

What Do Visitors to Vitoria Brazil Have to Say?

There are a few online forums that discuss the island of Vitoria Brazil. These are a good resource if you want to find out details about the area that might not otherwise be publicized on any website. So, what do some of the people say about this sleepy little island town?

Most say it's a wonderful place to visit, especially if you want to relax and do pretty much nothing other than rest, eat, travel to see the local scenery and attractions, and enjoy the nightlife.

Come Come in the neighborhood of Jardim Cambori was mentioned as a great place for local food, which is typically some sort of barbecued meat or a buffet. Lunch costs roughly $7 to $8 if you are really hungry.

One of the most affordable hotels is one by the name of Pousada Lord Camburi. You can find it in Serra, on the outskirts of Jardim Camburi. Another hotel that was mentioned was the Hotel Senac in the Praia do Canto area.

It's helpful to note that although you can usually find hostels in many parts of Brazil, there aren't any in Vitoria Brazil.

There are some areas of the island that should be avoided at night due to crime - the one location mentioned was Serra.

According to some of the people who visited Vitoria, there are several cities within a short distance of Vitoria that are worth visiting if you have the means and the time.

  • Domingos Martins - primarily inhabited by German families, with a European vibe

  • Dunas de Itauna - a sweet little town, beautiful beach, and home for Projeto Tamar, a program that has been put into place to protect turtles

  • Garoto Chocolate Factory

Vitoria Brazil has a lot to offer to everyone, whether you want to party or relax or just take in the sights. It has a sleepy island mentality on one side, but an active and fun nightlife on the other, so it appeals to the young and the old, couples and singles alike.

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